Meizufans has been discontinued

It was a hard decision.

Thank You

Meizufans would have never been such a success story without the people behind it.

It has been a great and wonderful time with everyone on board.
It was you to carry Meizufans on when everything seemed hopeless.
It was you to make the site raise to unknown heights.
Thus should be always remembered.
There have been big hopes with Meizu's new manager, however he is just as dissapointing as the previous one used to be.
New faces, same game.
Time to carry on.
This is the very exact reason why I have decided to terminate all operations.
Meizufans used to be a site from fans for fans.
Being such, means to have a passion for something you like, a passion which I lost.

Thanks for the great memories, the new people I have met and the experiences I have made.

Yours sincerely,

Rey K.

User data

What will happen with my account data like emails, IPs or uploads?

At the time you are reading this message, the entire server has been wiped clean.
All databases, files and everything else related to Meizufans has been deleted without being able to restore it.
This does include Google Analytics as well.

There are no backups of the site!


Will you start new projects, is there any chance to stay in touch and what is your next phone?

Depending how much time I have, I always work on new things.
For the next time I want to get some rest, though.
Meizufans has been a very long and exhausting chapter, so I think I deserved myself some vacation after 4 years, 3 months, 5 days and 30 minutes of service.

To answer the question about staying in touch with me - I want and need some time for myself.
Not that I dislike you, however, I decided to back out fully.
This is also the reason why I deleted stuff like my LinkedIn profile and will no longer attend the Telegram group.

About my phone. I've already got a new one - Smartisan Nut Pro 2.