Even though it turned quite for now around Meizu as the year is coming to and end, there is still some innovation.

Not only Meizu presented the EP51 successor EP52 and the M20 battery, no, they also worked on a fitness band, comparable to the Mi Band from Xiaomi!

So what is it capable of? Well, quite a few things.

It can count your steps, "check" your sleep, and even monitor your heart beat.

The 20g heavy band made out of TPU has a size of 58x16.2x11.8mm and suits wrists between 150 up to 195mm. Meizu says that the battery lasts up to 15 days, however, in case you use the band to monitor your heart beat continously, the battery duration decreases to 7 days. Steel parts are made out of military stainless steel. Down below you can check out a couple of additional pictures.

As of now the band is priced at 229RMB, which are approxiamtely 30€. However, as of now its unclear whether or not the bracelet is going to be available in other countries.

To make this happen, Meizu would have to translate the app first.



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