It’s been a while since I wrote this sort of post. Back then I used to brag about numbers, changes and records. However, since I skipped our 4th anniversary post in favor of fixing bugs, I thought I might use the chance and talk about something which really matters. Money.

Since I overtook Meizufans to 100% in 2015 I had one thing to worry about – money, money, money and no, I am not referring to the 1976 ABBA song. I am talking about the income generate by advertisements. As many German YouTubers decided to disclose their income, I thought to do the same. Not because I think that there is anything special I have to report about, but rather to open your eyes and show how much of a “fake” their numbers are. Consider that Meizufans is not anywhere near as big as a YouTuber with 1 Mio. subs. So do some upscaling and you will get the numbers more or less on your own.



As you can see I’ve “sky rocketed” Meizufans ad revenue. When Meizufans was running with the previous Co-Founder it was barely enough to get enough money together to cover itself.

Overall 2015 had a gross revenue of 755,18€. Our expenses did not exceed more than 60€ in that time. The pure profit is 335,18€. I would also like to mention that I got a Pro 5 that year. I was allowed to keep it in return of 6 months ad banners. To be fair we then should say I had 755,18€ profit.



This was the year when the revenue broke all records, especially due to my experiments with Google AdExchange. Gross revenue – 2193,76€ and that just with AdSense, if we include AdExchange the total revenue is around 3055,60€.



2017 only generated 913,43€ according to DoubleClick for Publishers. However, now that I have reworked the site, its ad placement and other factors, things look way different. For September Meizufans only generated 32,83€. Partially due to the factors named above, but also due to experiments.

I admit that there were experiments previously as well. Overall, they did not exceed 50€ and so are not worth to be mentioned.

How about the current expenses? Does it take a lot to run Meizufans – yes and no. As I reported a couple of weeks ago, there were massive bandwith issues. However, thanks to a new filter list these got resolved. Overall it takes these things to run the site:

Server #1 – 19,99€ per month

Server #2 – 19,99€ per month

Domains – 20€ a year (price is calculated for .org and .eu)

Tapatalk – 10$ a month

So, as you can see its around 50€ a month. Keep in mind I reworked and swapped servers quite often and therefore certain “setups” were pricier back then. However, they never exceeded 75€ a month.

But why am I telling you all this? Do I want to be open, do I want your attention? Yes! Whenever I am bored I like to browse YouTube or the web, like 99% of you. However, I am getting sick and tired of everyone saying that they do not earn a dime with their work. It’s ridiculous to sit in front of a camera and claim you didn’t make any money last month. I know that you cannot say openly that you want to make money with what you are doing, but still. I am rather judged for what I have said than telling people lies for ages. Maybe I wasn’t always honest with my income either, maybe I was like the “others”, but at least I want to change that.

What can you do to make a change? Disable your AdBlockers would be the first step. Why? Because AdBlockers are the main reason why “internet artists” and websites lose their income. What do they do instead? They think of something even worse – product placement and affiliate links. While I find it okay to use them, if it’s clearly pointed out, there are enough people who do not disclose them properly. Especially “reviews” backed with affiliate links make me instantly close the site.

Because as a matter of fact you want to make money and so you want to make people buy. Google AdSense and AdExchange are way different from that. As publisher you can never know which ads are going to be displayed on your website and so it’s entirely random. According to Google ToS you aren’t allowed to tell people click on the ads nor put them somewhere, where they could be accidentally be clicked.

Even worse are people who want to make people “donate”, but spam their links around 100 times. Meizufans had a donate button somewhile ago, but to be honest in 2 years only 2 people used it. I still appreciate these donations and see it as a personal way to say “thank you”, but I have never placed the donate button anyhow “disturbing” or told people on a daily or weekly basis to donate to Meizufans. Even now then things do not run so well as they used to, I am not asking you to donate. Actually, the donate link is gone, because I found no place where it could be “smoothly” integrated.

Think what you want to think about me and Meizufans, but at least you cannot say that I haven’t been honest. Talking about honesty, I would also like to mention something I had no time for at our anniversary. Back in 2016 many people came to me and said that Meizufans was a “hate blog”. I admit, the way I reported about Meizu back then hasn’t always been mature. However, I want to make you understand something. Fanboys never complain, they like everything what a company does. Real fans complain so that the company the like improves. Real fans are the strongest critics.

Since the sites name is not Meizufanboys, but Meizufans I will return to a more critical viewpoint in my articles.


Having all that said, thanks for being with us!

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