Remember the posted "leaks" of the M6? Seems like most of it was indeed true.

Even the back, which we thought might hide a secret turns out to be nothing special at all.

Instead Meizu said that the M6 is intended to be a reworked version of the M5.

While specwise, the device is still powered by the same SoC, the cameras received an upgrade. The front one is now 8MP, instead of previously 5MP. The rear is now featuring a RGBW color sensor.

For this Meizu cooperated with ArcSoft once again. Battery sided the M6 comes with 3070mAh, which is just around the same as with the M5. Just like all the other Meizu devices mTouch is included by default, storage is extendable up to 256GB by the use of a microSD card.

So whats the deal with the M6 now, does it makes any sense? Yes and no. While the M6 comes with Flyme 6 based upon Android N and so being one of the first Nougat based devices, it might be interesting to see what the developers made out of the betas. However, who wants to buy a device with "last year" hardware? Considering this fact the M6 is definitely a let down and could just as well be an April fools joke.

The price itself is fine though. For approximately 90€ you can get the 2GB/16GB version, if you pay 25€ more you just as well pick the 3GB/32GB one. Sales will start within China on the 25th of September this year.



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