Approximately a year ago the M5 has been launched. It was powered by a MediaTek 6750 28nm octa-core CPU and a Mali T860 GPU. However, since the M6 Note has been released its also time for a new "non-note" Blue Charm device.

The M6! Surprisingly the specs are almost entirely the same compared to the M5. Yes, you've read right.


According to the pictures above, the M6 is utilizing the same hardware as the M5. While this seems to make no sense at all, we should take a closer look instead.

What has "changed" is the design of the device. Taking a closer look at the top reveales that the sensors and camera have changed positions. Another interestings fact about the pictures is the back of the device.

While we are unable to see it, you can see it has something comparable to a bumper case wrapped around. Maybe the secret of this device is hiding on its back.


Maybe we are wrong at all and the M6 we are seeing here isn't what we think it is. Maybe engineers used M5 hardware to test the screen and sensors. We can't tell for sure.

Therefore, we will keep you updated.


P.S.: Unfortunately no new firmwares were uploaded to Flyme servers today.


Update 14.09.:

Meizu now has officially announced the launch for the 20th of September.



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