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Didn't I want to retire? Yes I want. However, this is for all the users, supporters and fans of Meizufans! Its time to introduce the best, fastest and most forward Meizufans of all time. Our previous rework is more than a year old, we had no native app for the forum, notifications were send out manually whenever needed. Feel and use was buggy on mobile browsers, sometimes rendering the site useless. This has been even for me a reason to fade into the background - it simply was too stressy to post new articles and reply to all your posts with such a weak system.

Rising Phoenix is the ultimate solution for this. Build upon Joomla! we might not be using something super fancy as NodeBB or Ghost, but at least its working flawlessly. We have our own Tapatalk app, a fast website which looks and works good on mobile devices and of course a less complicated forum. There are no more device specific sections. Instead I decided to keep everything as plain simple as possible. If you wonder how you should create posts about issues instead, I advice you to read the sticked topic in the Q&A section. Firmware postings are done like on the chinese Flyme BBS in a single topic, which makes it easier for me as webmaster to post the topics (1 topic instead of 25 different ones). Additionally this allows old posts to be archived, so you can find the download links whenever you need them.

You may also wonder about the new domain. Well, lets say the old ".eu" TLD was a bit too "exclusive". Meizufans is supposed to connect all english speaking Meizufans around the world. This doesn't means you are not allowed to post in a different language - as long as you translate it with Google as well, everyone will be fine.

Why are all these great changes are coming so late though and what has happened with the old site? Unfortunately it wasn't possible to convert our NodeBB install back to a SQL scheme as it is based upon NoSQL. Therefore, I had two possibilites. Either I stick with a horrible software and destroy UX or take the risk and do a "restart" with a fresh site. However, this doesn't means that you can no longer access the old site. Instead we put it into "archive mode". You can check out all our blog posts, forum posts and info, but cannot post anything new there.

To go there, simply click the "Archive" link in the navigation above.


Having so much said, I also want to lose a few personal words.

Running this site for over 4 years (domain registered on the 16th September 2013; operating since 26th September 2013) hasn't always been easy. Many times it has driven me to craziness, total exhaustion or insanity. It forced me to stay at home, when others went out. Kept me busy for weeks if not even months. But it also has been the best thing I could have ever imagined of. No matter how hard the times were - Meizufans took me through it. If someone would have told me 4 years ago what would happend I would have laughed.

I will have another hard time in front of me - reading books all day and learning for my exams.

So why stop this experience? Lets continue together.



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