We all know, I am not a good writer. However, yet I hope that you will understand the importance of this article.
It will be the last of mine – forever.
Meizufans will seize its operation by the 31st of December. We then will shutdown all of our servers.

The reason for this step is partially personal, but also partially related to the community itself.
While I always had joy and fun working with you, I also had my personal life going on in the background.
Just like yours, it had ups and downs. Good and bad things have happened.

Time passed by, old fans dissappeared, new ones came. Its like in our lifes - we meet new people everyday.

After over 4 years, I think that its time to move on as well and close this chapter of my life.
Its time to let it pass and be forgotten. Its time to make new things happen.

Our community was dying. Maybe because of my decisions, but also because of Meizu's - who knows?
Regardless, I tried a last time to get back in touch with Meizu.
Yet I failed and will no longer deal with Meizu in any way.

Therefore, I will close Meizufans by the end of this year.

Thank you for making it happen.

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