Its been relatively quite about Meizu in the past weeks. Unfortunately there wasn't really much too report about.

However, even though it seems like Meizu has heavily decreased operation and has for example closed its Chinese and Global forums.

In the background there is still some action going on.

Meizu is now officially the sponsor of the 2nd World Mahjong Sports Games (WMSG).

According to the Mahjong International League (MIL), Meizu is supposed to support the systems of the WMSG with their technology and equipment.

Furthermore the sponsorship is supposed to promote the WMSG and help to develop a standarization for Mahjong, targeting it to become the most professional mind sport.

Be sure to check out the MIL YouTube video as well.


What about the "backend" though? Why are the forums closed and what is Meizu doing right now?

From what we can tell for sure is that Meizu is still operational. Unfortunately though they didn't keep their promise regarding the Pro 5's stable Android N update.

Even though there are no statements yet, it seems like most of the internal operations are on halt. Not because there are financial issues, but rather because Meizu has hired a new manager (SVP) in May - Jeffrey Yang.

Some of you, which are in our old Telegram group might remember my efforts to get in touch with Yang. At first glance he seemed like a person, who seems to know what he is doing.

Yang has worked his way all through Novartis, Motorola, Samsung, Apple and Co. as quite successful manager.


Sadly he did not replied to any of my invitations. Even though the "war" between Meizufans and Meizu has ended a long time ago, I am still trying to pursue the desires of former and current Meizu fans.

The way we have reported about Meizu back then wasn't always fair, but what would you expect if you were about to sabotage a site?

Actually, its quite surprising that someone with his experience is unwilled to listen to its customer demands and finally get Meizu on track at its Global markets.


Personally, I have certain doubts, especially since I've been unable to talk to him.

Nonetheless, lets not judge about Yangs work too early and see what he is going to bring us for 2018. He can't be any worse than Li Nan, can he?


What about Meizufans though? As disclosed previously, Meizufans income level is in a relatively low state continuing to recover day by day.

Yet I made up my mind, how to power a more efficient and user friendly Meizufans. By the next few days we will launch a Patreon site, allowing you to support our site with a monthly donation of at least $1.

The benefit of this is clearly more transparence about how much we earn and what the money is being invested for. As soon as Meizufans can cover its own costs entirely over Patreon the entire site will become free of any ads and anti-adblock scripts. Furthermore, we will also an introduce a "0 profit" policy. Everything earnt over Patreon is going to be solely used for Meizufans. "Leftovers" are going to be donated for UNICEF projects, a godparenthood and/or giveaways.

To verify this we will upload financial reports, including the official invoices for any payments related to Meizufans. More details about this will be announced soon.


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