Even though it turned quite for now around Meizu as the year is coming to and end, there is still some innovation.

Not only Meizu presented the EP51 successor EP52 and the M20 battery, no, they also worked on a fitness band, comparable to the Mi Band from Xiaomi!

It’s been a while since I wrote this sort of post. Back then I used to brag about numbers, changes and records. However, since I skipped our 4th anniversary post in favor of fixing bugs, I thought I might use the chance and talk about something which really matters. Money.

Since I overtook Meizufans to 100% in 2015 I had one thing to worry about – money, money, money and no, I am not referring to the 1976 ABBA song. I am talking about the income generate by advertisements. As many German YouTubers decided to disclose their income, I thought to do the same. Not because I think that there is anything special I have to report about, but rather to open your eyes and show how much of a “fake” their numbers are. Consider that Meizufans is not anywhere near as big as a YouTuber with 1 Mio. subs. So do some upscaling and you will get the numbers more or less on your own.

Remember the posted "leaks" of the M6? Seems like most of it was indeed true.

Even the back, which we thought might hide a secret turns out to be nothing special at all.

Instead Meizu said that the M6 is intended to be a reworked version of the M5.

Flyme OS vulnerable to BlueBorne

Once again Meizu proved its weak security policy.

A few months ago security experts discovered a general severity for all mobile and desktop devices using Bluetooth, allowing attackers to execute any kind of code and entirely overtake these.


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