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Remember the posted "leaks" of the M6? Seems like most of it was indeed true.

Even the back, which we thought might hide a secret turns out to be nothing special at all.

Instead Meizu said that the M6 is intended to be a reworked version of the M5.

Flyme OS vulnerable to BlueBorne

Once again Meizu proved its weak security policy.

A few months ago security experts discovered a general severity for all mobile and desktop devices using Bluetooth, allowing attackers to execute any kind of code and entirely overtake these.

Approximately a year ago the M5 has been launched. It was powered by a MediaTek 6750 28nm octa-core CPU and a Mali T860 GPU. However, since the M6 Note has been released its also time for a new "non-note" Blue Charm device.

The M6! Surprisingly the specs are almost entirely the same compared to the M5. Yes, you've read right.

Usually its not our thing to participate in rumors. However, this time the rumor has been commented by Li Nan, the former manager of the overseas department.

Due to Meizu's restructuring he and a couple of the former overseas members, were moved to the Blue Charm department (m Series).